CLICK HERE for the application to purchase cemetery space.
Note: This form contains all pricing information for the cemetery – purchasing a space (resident & non-resident), opening and closing a grave, hours of availability, cremation, etc.

The Deed fee is $26.00 for recording the deed and the Cremation fee is $200.00.

Gleenwood Cemetery layout (also available as Excel document)

For assistance please contact:
Prentice Young, Cemetery Sexton
Office Location: Lintonia Avenue
Phone: 662-571-1250  •  Fax 662-746-6506

Cemetery FAQs

Question Answer
How much is a grave space? $626.00 = $300 for the space, $300 for perpetual care, $26 for the cemetery deed
What time does the cemetery close? Open from 7am until 7pm
Where is the witch’s grave? I’ll show you where it is.