The Department of Public Works is one of Yazoo City’s largest departments.  It is comprised of about 30 employees.  The department has the responsibility of operations as it relates to city facilities and infrastructure.

Their primary task is to keep the pace with the needs of the citizens such as:  sewers, city  streets, garbage, storm drainage as well as service facilities and public buildings.  Service of improvement, engineering designs of street resurfacing and reconstruction of streets and other related structures are provided for all areas.


Yard Waste is picked up between 7:00 am- 2:30 pm.  Place yard debris neatly in the City right-of-way (sidewalk or curb). Loose yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, straw and vines must be containerized.(See Section 13-20 thru 13-29 of the City ordinance).  The following are additional requirements for yard waste collection:

  • All loose yard wastes (grass clippings, pine straw, vines, pine cones and leaves) must be containerized. A container may be a plastic bag, a box or a personal 30 gallon trash can. Do not use the city-provided trash cart or wheelbarrows.

  • Large piles of debris will be tagged if left by private contractors. 

See the schedule below for pick-up in your area.


For assistance please contact:
Robert Green, Public Works Director

Office Location:  City Barn, 460 W Bridge Street
Phone:  662-746-5121  •  Fax 662-746-1267